Logging into the blog and store gives many benefits, like the ability to download your purchases multiple times, keep a wish list, view your order history, leave reviews and photos, and reply to blog posts.

Our Login System Has Changed

We have unhooked the forum, blog and store from each other. This means you will no longer be required to register via the forum; you will need to sign up for the website to access the blog and store, and the forum to access the forum.

How do I log Into My Old Account?

If you registered manually (which is about 5 people total) you can use the same username and password as you used for the forum.

If you registered by clicking a social media icon (if you don’t know how this is probably you), such as Facebook, you will need to click that icon on the website to login.

Where are my downloads?

If you logged in and can no longer find your downloads this could be due to changing your Facebook email or other factors that would prevent the website from recognizing you. Simply shoot me a message on Facebook and we’ll sort it out in no time. You can access your orders and downloads under the My Account button.