Sometimes the lines are blurred and this one is a tricky one to explain, so some backstory. I (Colour Me, aka Jade Elizabeth) started Color Me Forum because there were no forums around for adult coloring fans and I felt Facebook did not bring justice or love to the genre. Most of the Facebook groups were full of drama and so fast paced that you could easily lose your own posts seconds after posting let alone see everyone elses! Many of the posts were annoyingly repeated in the same week with the same questions bouncing around and it was very overwhelming.

So I built Color Me Forum to be a nice safe place for people to share, talk coloring, and hopefully learn and grow! People get to show off their work in the galleries, ask for help, share techniques and also search for answers which is super important. Because we’re not Facebook your feed won’t be filled with things you may not want to see, you won’t be drowning in notifications, and your posts wont vanish into oblivion – they’re proudly there to be found and loved all over again. It’s been a wonderful community and grown so much more than expected…which is why you’re reading this explanation.

After the forum hit it off I made my first coloring page! It was terrible but everyone loved it and asked me to do more…so I did. And I did. And I did. By the time I had 9 pages I knew this was my new thing and I wouldn’t be giving it up…so I started sharing my work under the name “Color Me Forum” (because I had not made it known who I was at that point and preferred the pseudonym).

colormeavatar_500So Who or What is “Color Me Forum”?

By the time I had 17 pages it started to occur to me that my “name” was a bit weird and perhaps I should change it to Color Me Club so I could have an artist blog, a store, and a forum. I even bought the domains and set it up but it didn’t feel right. I was Color Me Forum, not Color Me Club or any other name!

So after much distress I decided to keep my name, and to have my cake too (blog, store, forum), and I couldn’t be happier.

So Color Me Forum is both the forum and the artist. When used outside this website it will almost always refer to the artist (depending on context) while inside will refer to the Forum itself.

itsamejadeSo Who’s Colour Me?

Colour Me is the name I go by here on the forum. Many people know me as both Jade and Colour Me so I use them both and am more than happy to be called either!

When I started making coloring pages I didn’t expect to like it. In fact my first page I put off making for quite some time and really had to force myself to start it….but I am so glad I did. This journey has been incredible! I have never seen myself grow with something so dramatically. Each page feels like such an improvement over the last. All of the shortcomings I had with drawing and art just fell into place with coloring books and pages and I suddenly discovered I had a style! Every single artistic thing I had struggled with in the past seemed like an asset here and my strengths just helped me grow faster.

My first mandala looked terrible, and my second looked better but somehow worse….and my third…well I couldn’t even believe I’d drawn it.

I think I found that thing that just makes sense, and I couldn’t be happier. The proof is in the linework!

Today I still make coloring pages, I am working on my first Coloring Book, and I LOVE seeing what people do with my pages. Sometimes I am really wowed with where people take them to and it makes my day to know something I created has made someone so happy!

I can’t wait to see what this journey has in store for me, and I hope you will join me! Become a member of the Forum, comment on my blog posts, consider becoming a Patron, and hang out with me and the wonderful community you’ve found….I am super excited to be here and I can’t wait to meet you!